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online client education courses

Created by our very own experienced and skilled physical therapists, CorePhysio is proud to offer the client education courses below. All courses may be completed at your own pace.  


CoreYoga is an 8-class series focused on mindful movement. Taught by Angela Hilyar, a pelvic health certified physical therapist at CorePhysio, this class contains yoga-inspired flows with considerations for individuals during postpartum recovery (8 weeks and beyond) and for individuals who are experiencing pelvic organ prolapse. 

This class may be for you if you are concerned or curious about your body’s ability postpartum or with prolapse, if you have completed 1:1 physical therapy treatment and are ready for your next step, or if you want to start a safe beginner-level yoga practice and would like an inviting online environment to explore movement. 

Each class begins with an intention and breathing exercise, progresses to vinyasa-style flows, and ends with a guided meditation and weekly suggestion for exploration or self-care. Classes are progressive in positioning and challenge, with options for movement needs, and include a variety of positions from floor to standing. 

Price: $90+tax introductory special through August 31st, 2020; $160+tax starting September 1st, 2020

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Course Author: Angela Hilyar, PT, DPT, PRPC, ASTYM

What's Pain Got To Do With It?

This free online course provides an overview of the latest pain neuroscience research and basic neurophysiology of pain, along with research-proven ways to help to turn down the pain dial.

You will be introduced to four key areas needed for a successful program to reduce pain, with the goal of giving you the tools to brainstorm and develop questions prior to or during a physical therapy course of care. Your physical therapist will help expand upon these topics and create your individualized program.

Price: Free

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Course Author: Katie Schaner PT, DPT, TPS

Potty Training 101

Does your child struggle with leaking, urgency, or constipation? As pelvic health physical therapists, we talk about solutions to these struggles every day.

This free online mini-course provides parents and caregivers simple strategies to help your child learn lifelong skills for healthy toileting habits. These tips can easily be applied and may resolve leaking or struggle with emptying their bowels.

Price: Free

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Course Author: Christine Eardley PT, GCS, PRPC, BCB-PMD