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12 Days of Fitness: A New Twist on the Holiday Countdown

Such a busy time of year. Parties, festive meals, rich and sugary treats, too many places to be, too little time to fit it all in. And too often the thing we let fall of the table is...US!

Here's a quick and fun circuit training challenge to keep your body moving this holiday season (even if it is only to make room for one more sugar cookie.)

As with any fitness program, always:

  • listen to your body
  • be mindful of your own limitations, whether they be range of motion, strength, endurance or flexibility
  • modify when necessary.

At the same time, push the boundaries of your own expectations.

None of these exercises should cause pain; if they do, stop immediately and seek the advice of your doctor or therapist. If you have any health concerns, you may wish to consult with your healthcare provider before beginning a new exercise regime.

**Are you ready to start a new holiday tradition and accept our challenge? Show off your squats, brag about your burpees, and crow about your crunches on our Facebook page! Upload a photo, challenge your own friends and family. It's all about having a happy AND healthy holiday season.**

This graphic originally appeared on Tribesports, an online physical activity community.