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Provider/Client Partnership

You have invited us to partner with you on your journey to recovery and improved performance. We each have a role in ensuring the success of this partnership!

The client’s responsibility

  • To understand your insurance coverage regarding your PT benefits
  • To secure a signed prescription from your physician or health care provider. Your health care provider can fax it to our office at 360-752-0271
  • To attend all appointments as scheduled and follow through with your self-care plan at home.
  • To schedule appointments efficiently the first time and prevent cancelation/rescheduling of appointments to the best of your ability. Missed appointments and cancelations with less than 48 hours' advance notice are subject to a $30 fee. When our cancellation rate is less than 10% for the month, CorePhysio makes a donation to a local charity. Thank you for thoughtfully scheduling your appointments, so you can help yourself and the community!
  • To communicate any concerns, questions, or changes in medical status to your PT team immediately.
  • To assist the PT team in working towards your treatment goals during each session by remaining punctual at the beginning and the end of their treatment session.
  • To communicate any changes in your insurance to the business office, as soon as possible.

The responsibilities of your PT team

  • To communicate effectively in writing, in person and by phone with our client’s treatment team
  • To effectively address the questions and concerns of our clients
  • To create a healing and supportive environment
  • To remain curious in our profession and be lifelong learners
  • To stay goal-focused in our treatment plan and interventions
  • To use each 40 minute treatment time efficiently and remain punctual for our present as well as our next client.

The business office’s responsibilities

  • To submit all appropriate information for timely and efficient billing to insurance and/or client.
  • To work with the client to find and secure the optimal available appointment times for their PT appointments.
  • To keep them informed of any communication with their insurance company.
  • To forward any treatment-related questions or client concerns to a clinician.