Core Retraining

Build your muscle, knowledge, and Core Confidence!

The Core Confidence Program: A series of restorative exercise sessions with a CorePhysio clinician where you will learn safe challenges, ergonomics, and postural dynamics to avoid pain, leaking, bulging, and worry.

Fall class series: Mondays from 7-8pm

Sept 16th - Nov 4th, 2019

Please fill out the form below to reserve your spot in the Fall 2019 class series.

CorePhysio has decades of experience with sensitive health topics. Our Core Confidence Program is designed to give you answers, teach healing through proper movement, and help you rebuild structural integrity where it matters most—your core.

Participants are also invited to discover how their inner core is functioning in advance of the sessions with a real-time ultrasound (RTUS) assessment - the only one in Whatcom County -  for an optional $75 add-on.

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