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Real Time Ultrasound Assessment

Real time ultrasound (RTUS) provides a window into how your pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles (the inner core) are functioning. Knowing more about your inner core is key to the treatment and prevention of Diastasis Recti and many other disfunctions of the hip, low back, and pelvis. CorePhysio is the only clinic in our region (outside of Seattle or Vancouver, Canada) with RTUS capabilties.

Can you safely and effectively contract your abdominal muscles? 

What you find out might surprise you! Call to schedule an assessment with a CorePhysio specialist - $75 for 40 minutes. Contact us via the form below and we'll be in touch!

Our staff will help to determine if an RTUS inner core assessment might be appropriate for you in gaining a better understanding of your body. We recommend a RTUS assessment to anyone who is healthy and ready to begin a post-partum exercise program. If you are experiencing pain or any concerning symptoms we will instead match you up with a therapist for a full evaluation. 

CorePhysio has decades of experience with sensitive health topics. Our Core Confidence Program is designed to give you answers, teach healing through proper movement, and help you rebuild structural integrity where it matters most—your core.

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