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Patient Testimonials
  • Jim F.
    2 years ago
    I was referred to CorePhysio after cancer treatments by a local specialist. As a local group of Physical Therapists CorePhysio has long history. The founder had helped us in a similar but different health support group over a decade ago. This time at their office I was immediately impressed with their organization, knowledge and orderly graduated diagnostic and treatment plans -- specialized around their "Core" focus -- including pelvic-floor and related issues. Their professionalism, clear detailed procedures and use of technology, quickly inspired trust and confidence that improvements can and will be possible. Discussing details that others refuse to hear or talk about became easy - facilitating quick and demonstrably recognizable improvement for me. I'm now much more aware of subtle details of my own body, exerting control that I never knew of, or had before
  • Kathleen H.
    2 years ago
    I have been working with your wonderful staff for several months and so appreciate their professionalism and kindness. I am given their full attention and they listen carefully to my issues and physical complaints. Thank you, CorePhysio for all your work. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone needing physical therapy. I think you are the best!
  • Vicki B.
    2 years ago
    This is the place to go if you need PT. I am new to Bellingham. In November I broke my elbow and had PT down in Southern California. I was very worried about transferring my PT to Bellingham but the staff and therapists at Core soon alleviated that concern. These folks are great. Compassionate, caring and excellent at what they do. Thank you Core!
  • Liza E.
    2 years ago
    Every Physical therapist that I have worked with here is extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Each 45 minute visit has been beneficial in further exploring my injury and finding ways to improve it without telling me to stop all physical activity. Instead working on ways to alter my activity for no pain as well as no further harm until my health improves.
  • Kathryne G.
    2 years ago
    These PT's are off the charts. Everyone in the office is wonderful too. Each PT had a unique skill set and they refer to each other so you receive expert care. I'm quite impressed!
  • Tyler J.
    3 years ago
    The best physical therapy I have ever had. It was a big deal to me to return to my previous level of athletic activity. The therapists are up to date on the latest techniques and certifications. They listened to my goals and made a plan that was detailed and progressed as my injuries healed. They gave me instructions for my at home PT and held me accountable for doing it, while at the same time being super patient with me. They also gave me long term maintenance ideas to keep injury free. I can happily say that I am back running, biking swimming and lifting thanks to Core!
  • Susan M.
    3 years ago
    My life took a downward turn when my lower back problem of twenty years declined, followed by a uterine prolapse and surgery that left me feeling like I would never have my life back. I was wrong. I did get my life back because of the outstanding physical therapists I worked with during the past year. I highly recommend Core Physio; it is an incredible place to heal!
  • Carol Z.
    3 years ago
    This is truly a wonderful place for PT, especially Pelvic Floor PT. It's caring, empathetic and oh so knowlegable. I drive an hour for these sessions but it is totally worth it. Give it a shot if you are in need of PT.
  • Natalie M.
    4 years ago
    The moment I walked into the room and met Elizabeth I was at ease. After sharing with her about the pain and discomfort I was experiencing, she expressed empathy and instilled hope into my situation. She is very knowledgeable and discerning regarding the circumstances I was facing and she earned my trust moments after hearing her speak. Her passion, humor, and striving for excellence inspired me to work hard to complete all of the homework she gave me. After 2 months of seeing her, I became pain free! Elizabeth being my advocate and cheerleader instilled in me the confidence and strength I needed to reach my goals and achieve a level of health I didn't know I could have in my daily life. I will always be so thankful for her and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking physical therapy!