Client Success Stories

You are proud of you. We are proud of you.

At CorePhysio, we celebrate our clients reaching their personal therapy goals and returning to the activities they enjoy. Their success is somewhat bittersweet--since we are lucky enough to work with motivated and interesting individuals we hate to see them go. At the same time, graduation is clearly the goal!

By sharing their success stories, we hope to inspire our clients and the larger community in Whatcom County and beyond. Performance, healing and confidence are all within your grasp: Set a goal, work to a plan, achieve results.


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I have been working with your wonderful staff for several months and so appreciate their professionalism and kindness. I am given their full attention and they listen carefully to my issues and physical complaints. Thank you, CorePhysio for all your work. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone needing physical therapy. I think you are the best!  Kathleen Halowi, Bellingham

During training for a race I injured my back and wasn't sure if I could continue. Fortunately my husband referred me to CorePhysio. With weekly visits and my therapist's prescribed self care at home, I was able to keep up with my training and complete my race. I would not have been able to continue logging the miles I needed to without her! Kelly J, Bellingham

I came into CORE quite skeptical that I would return due to the myth that my pelvic floor issues after childbirth would be met with the advice to just do more kegels. Instead, my entire body was evaluated and my treatment was tailored to my body's specific needs. I learned to use muscles I hadn't been in contact with in a long time. The staff was wonderful and made me feel like a friend. I am so much stronger after my treatment and I have a toolbox of movements that will benefit me for a lifetime. Rosanna T, Ferndale

Her professionalism is outstanding, she is so polished. It may be cheesy, but I told my husband it is the difference between getting a fancy dress at Kmart and Nordstrom! Anonymous, Lummi Island

My experience at Core has been exceptional, from the staff to my wonderfully skilled therapist. She was able to dissect my pain and discomfort while showing me ways to strengthen areas that were weak. I would highly recommend this top-notch facility and staff to friends or family. Thank you! Ronda S, Bellingham

My therapist was great to work with! Very polite, professional and knowledgeable. Her approach to the treatment was communictated very well along with the treatments designed for outside the clinic...I would (again) recommend CORE based on my overall experience with staff over any other clinic in the county. Dan Persse, Blaine

My experience here was amazing. I was most impressed with the detailed and personalized nature involved in my diagnosis. I really think that my condition/problems would have been missed by anyone else. Thank you for taking the time to give me back confidence in my own body and the skills needed to continue with my progress. I'm forever grateful. Anonymous, Bellingham

I saw several different clinicians but there was consistency along with different approaches/ideas to accomplish my therapy goals. The clinicians took a whole body approach to find the root problem that may have caused my knee problems originally, leading to the surgery that I cam to get therapy for. The clinicians understood me as an athlete--that my level of pain tolerance and long term goals might be different than a non-athlete. Anonymous, Bellingham

CorePhysio has changed my life. I was going to the bathroom a minimum of 12 times a day, felt constant urgency and had many problems with being intimate. I do not have urgency anymore, my spasms are almost gone, and my sex life has gone back to normal, before my injury happened. I'm forever grateful to Core and I would recommend them to anyone who has any pelvic floor issues. Thanks again. Phillip Post, Vancouver, BC